高安全性 Highly safety
Since all the live parts are fully enclosed in an earthed metal enclosure, there is no danger of an electric shock.
高可靠度 Highly reliability
High reliability can be maintained for a long period of time since the live parts are hermetically sealed in metal enclosures to be filled with SF6 gas, and GIS is entirely excluded from external environment such as contamination by smoke, chemical fumes and dust.
高度保護功能 Highly protection
IED digital microprocessor relay is incorporated having functions of protection, monitor and control location. This demand for input and output signal is programmable to formalize all phases together with highly sensitive multi-protection.
節省安裝空間 Saves the installment space
SF₆ gas as an insulation and arc extinguishing medium is inert and non-flammable.Installation space can be minimized by 60% to 75%compared with that of conventional type air insulated substation.In addition Bay distance can be narrowed.
低維護費用 Laborsaving and inspection
帶電體均密封於金屬容器內,長期運轉亦不會有氧化、劣化之虞,大幅降低維護需要,另外,對傳統屋外型設備而言,更可節省清洗設備(如 ABS,支持碍子等)所需之費用。
Since all the live parts are fully enclosed under the condition of no oxygen, there is no aging deterioration and it's maintenance and inspection cost can be reduced significantly. Unlike the conventional segregated-phase type GIS, there is almost no exposed part in the phase to phase connecting linkage or pipe.
縮短交期及安裝天數 The reduction delivery date and installs the number of days
The compact common enclosure type GIS can reduce the size of the unit. Each circuit (bay) can be delivered as it is fully assembled. Therefore, the time of installation work for the equipment at site can be remarkably shortened.
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24kV GIS
Type : GM2-2E
69kV GIS
Type : GF-7A / GF-12A
161kV GIS
Type : GF-14A
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